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Shortlist of Sites in Ontario for Next Lithium Converter

Toronto, Canada

After reaching a high level of engineering maturity for its Guben Converter, Rock Tech is now applying its knowledge in Canada. Implementing its strategic vision to build several lithium converters the Company has decided to accelerate the planning for its Canadian converter, aiming for a start of production in 2027. To that end, Rock Tech has also relocated its Canadian headquarters to Toronto.

„With more than 350,000 engineering hours and approximately 40 million Euros invested, we have taken the Guben converter project in Germany to a high level of maturity. The finalized basic engineering for the entire converter and our global procurement and execution partners have put us in an excellent position to transfer at least 80 percent of completed engineering into the development of Canada’s first lithium conversion plant:“

Klaus Schmitz
Chief Operating Officer

A strategy and execution team is currently in Ontario to conclude assessments of shortlisted sites in the districts of Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Nipissing and in the Leeds and Grenville areas. More than 150 selection criteria are being reviewed for technical, economical and logistical suitability. Discussions with political stakeholders and permitting authorities are being held additionally to understand and address interests of local communities.

“Rock Tech is a growth story, focused on technology and sustainability. We are thrilled to expand our conversion footprint to our home market of Canada. Building on what we have already started with the first studies in 2019, it is the right time to start implementation. We see a strong interest in our negotiations with Canadian and US government authorities and industrial partners after the completion of basic engineering in Guben, where we have just applied for additional subsidies.”

Dirk Harbecke
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Over the past years, Rock Tech has assembled a team of more than 40 international experts, including lithium processing specialists from Australia, industrial engineers from Germany, and mining experts from Canada. The team has completed several testworks with different spodumene concentrates, successfully demonstrating own and third-party feedstock processing. Additionally, 95 percent of Rock Tech’s by-products can be used by the construction industry as a low-carbon alternative to cement and other high-value applications, which makes Rock Tech an upcoming leader in by-product utilization. Furthermore, options for co-locating in Canada with battery recycling partners are being analyzed.