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Rock Tech receives EMAS certification from the Chamber of Commerce for its environmental commitment in Guben, Germany

Guben, Germany

The successful completion of the EMAS audit shows that sustainable management, environmental protection and the intelligent use of raw materials and energy in the production of battery-grade lithium hydroxide play an important role in the corporate activities of Rock Tech Lithium in Guben. This is the world’s most demanding environmental management system in accordance with European standards. Currently, 35 organizations are registered with the Brandenburg Chambers of Industry and Commerce (IHKs). André Fritsche, Managing Director of the Cottbus Chamber of Industry and Commerce, presented the EMAS certificate today to Kerstin Wedemann, Chief Legal & Operations Officer, and Henrik Wende, Operational Readiness Manager, and thanked them for their commitment to the company, which plans to create around 170 jobs in Lusatia.

André Fritsche says: „The big challenge these days is to combine climate protection, resource conservation and creation of competitive advantages. We are therefore delighted that sustainability and resource conservation are top priorities in the construction of Europe’s largest lithium converter plant and associated infrastructure. Cooperation with local energy companies is an important building block in supplying the site with climate-neutral electricity and heat in the future. Energy efficiency and regional value chains form the basis of sustainable GreenTech industrial locations such as Guben. The activities are significant and make the region interesting for further investments in green future technologies made in Lusatia.“

From left to right: Dr. Klaus Freytag (Lusatia Representative), Henrik Wende (Operational Readiness Manager Rock Tech), Dorit Köhler (Head of Innovation and Sustainability) and André Fritsche (Managing Director of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce) are delighted with Rock Tech’s successful EMAS audit.

Rock Tech Lithium wants to achieve high sustainability targets by 2030. These include a CO2-free supply chain and climate-neutral logistics, intelligent energy, water and waste management and the recording of all environmental impacts from production to recycling and disposal.

Kerstin Wedemann, CL&OO of Rock Tech Lithium, explains: „We are delighted to have received the certificate for the EMAS audit of our converter in Guben from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce today. This confirms our consistent efforts to reduce our environmental impact. Sustainable and resource-conserving management is part of our basic understanding as a company. Lusatia therefore also offers excellent conditions for us, as the distances both for the supply of green energy and to the customers of our product are short. This is why the CO2 footprint of our lithium hydroxide will also be 30 percent below the industry average, as our life cycle assessment has shown. We are proud to soon be able to make an important contribution to the emission-free and battery-powered future of the German automotive industry with our lithium hydroxide.“

Rock Tech Lithium is planning to produce battery-grade lithium hydroxide in Guben. The project has an investment volume of 730 million EUR. The approval process is nearing completion, and the subsidy application process is underway.