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Rock Tech has Mobilized a Piling Rig to test Soil and Ground

Guben, Germany

Following the groundbreaking end of March, Rock Tech has mobilized a piling rig to its Guben property to test soil and ground behaviour. A heavy haulage truck has delivered the rig which has commenced work this Monday.

As part of the regular value engineering, Rock Tech has contracted the test piling to evaluate the loads according to the planned processing plant units. The test piling results deliver data that could be used to review plant design and identify possible further engineering improvements.

“We will have two piling areas with each 5 test and 8 reaction piles. This is a necessary step to test the foundation and soil layer behaviour and have exact data of a load stress test afterwards, which is always part of such a huge industrial plant engineering process.”

Henrik Wende
Operation Readiness Manager

The 10 test and 16 reaction piles will have a diameter around 60 centimetres and will be penetrated up to 20 meters in the ground. It will be in the area below the future pyro and crystallization section of the Guben Converter. Samples and testworks will be assessed in laboratory afterwards.