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Rock Tech Expects Purified Lithium Hydroxide Samples Next Month

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Rock Tech Lithium Inc. is pleased to announce that it has engaged ANZAPLAN for further pilot plant testwork.

The Phase 2 pilot plant will provide additional lithium hydroxide monohydrate (“LHM”) customer samples while proving the flowsheet, converting spodumene concentrate into LHM following the industry-standard sulphate route. The feed material for the Phase 2 pilot plant will come from concentrates produced from commercial operations, demonstrating the flowsheet’s ability to receive material currently available in the global market.

“We are excited to be working with ANZAPLAN on our Europe-based lithium hydroxide pilot plant,” said Dirk Harbecke, Rock Tech’s chairman. “ANZAPLAN’s deep understanding of European industry and highly competent team of processing engineers, chemists and geoscientists will be a great asset to Rock Tech as we continue to advance our European lithium hydroxide converter plant.”

The Dorfner group of companies is a leading European industrial and specialty minerals producer with more than a century of experience in industrial and specialty minerals processing, delivering high quality materials, purified products and refined additives to a wide range of industries including the chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, ceramics and glass industry. ANZAPLAN, established in 1985 as an independent entity within the Dorfner group of companies, provides a one-stop shop solution across all phases of the process development and economic evaluation of industrial and specialty mineral and metal projects – with technological expertise from its own laboratories, on-site test center and pilot plant processing facilities and extensive experience in mineral beneficiation and specialty chemical production.