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Regional European Lithium Supply with Arcore

Toronto, Canada & Zug, Switzerland

Rock Tech and Arcore have entered into a strategic partnership to secure a reliable and long-term supply of lithium products for Rock Tech’s European converter operations. Lithium will be regionally and sustainably sourced from Arcore’s wholly-owned Lopare mining project in Bosnia and Herzegovina to secure a long-term supply of lithium chemicals to Rock Tech’s conversion facility.

This forthcoming collaboration is an unambiguous proof of the development of a regional and domestic value chain for EV batteries within Europe, to which both companies are contributing through lithium supply and conversion. As next steps the companies intend to define product specifications, and negotiate an offtake agreement including quantities and prices. The Parties are committed to working towards a zero-waste and net-zero emission production of lithium.

“Arcore’s project is an important element of our regional supply strategy. Linking with Arcore also demonstrates how important our converter in Europe is for making lithium consumable for European cathode and battery manufacturers. I’m looking forward to taking and implementing the next steps, which will undoubtedly meet the industry’s needs.”

Dirk Harbecke
Rock Tech’s CEO

„Arcore is delighted to partner with Rock Tech, and we look forward to a successful and synergetic relationship, not only commercially for the parties, but also strategically for the European continent as a whole. Our supply of lithium will contribute to Rock Tech’s cutting-edge converter operations.“

Ali Vezvaei
Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Arcore