Guben Converter

Our German-based lithium hydroxide converters will meet the highest EU standards in terms of environmental footprint,
energy efficiency and supply chain transparency. We will also source the raw material exclusively from sustainable mines,
where we can guarantee compliance with these standards from the outset.
The Guben Converter will be our first merchant lithium converter with a name plate capacity of 24.000 tonnes per year. It is proposed to be built in Guben, Germany. Our advanced project development status positions the Company as first-mover in the region. Producing in the vicinity of its customers guarantees supply-chain transparency and just-in-time delivery.

The groundbreaking will be followed by full permit in Q2 2024 that allows us to officially start the construction work on the 125,750 square meter site of the future lithium hydroxide converter plant. The Guben converter is scheduled to go into operation in mid-2025 and produce battery-grade lithium hydroxide in 2026.

CapEx:   USD 762m

Post-tax NPV (8%):   USD 1,246m

IRR:   22.3%

LHM Capacity p.a.:    24,000t (~500,000 EVs)

Process Type : Sulphation-Causticization Route