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Meet Thomas

Kicking off the week with a spotlight on our Process Engineering team – the unsung heroes who streamline our path to production!

Today it’s time to meet Thomas S. Shuuya, Process Engineer.

Hey Thomas!
What is your primary role at our company, and how does it contribute to our overall mission?

My primary role is that of process engineer. It ensures that our future converters are efficient, safe, and put out the target quantity of battery grade Lithium hydroxide monohydrate sustainably, at the lowest cost possible.

When did you join RCK and where are you based?
I joined RCK in September 2022, and I am based in Ratingen, Germany.

What specific projects or initiatives have you been involved in recently?
I have been involved in numerous projects and initiatives, including developing a testwork program for recycled feeds, further developing the process design criteria for our Guben converter, and putting together the data for the preliminary study for the future Red Rock converter.

What skills or expertise do you need in your role?
You especially need a great understanding of metallurgy, mass and energy balances, and how to decipher engineering diagrams.

What makes Rock Tech a great place to work at?
Rock Tech has a flat hierarchical structure, so I have the freedom to approach any and everyone as I do my work. It is fast paced, meaning that ideas are quickly vetted, and good ideas quickly implemented. Here, you are empowered to work on very crucial initiatives, and you really feel that you are doing valuable work.

What did you do before RCK and why did you join the company?
Before Rock Tech, I did my masters in Business Administration and Engineering in Berlin, and before that, worked as a senior metallurgist for a zinc refinery in Namibia.
I joined Rock Tech, because it is a pioneer in a new and dynamic industry. The company is also ambitious and has great leadership, which was also very attractive to me.

Tell us something about yourself outside the workplace.
I love to travel; love fantasy and adventure books, series and movies; and am into a lot of sports, especially team sports.