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LEAG and Rock Tech Collaborate for Green Electricity

Guben, Germany

Our Rock Tech Guben GmbH and the German energy corporation LEAG have signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) to collaborate. LEAG could deliver carbon-neutral power supplied by wind and photovoltaics, which could be available around the clock thanks to a smart combination of storage facilities and LEAG’s „Gigawatt Factory“ hydrogen production plant. This would enable Rock Tech to pass another step toward its goal of achieving climate neutrality in production.

Green, renewable energies are a driving force in the structural transformation of Brandenburg and give organizations operating in the region a clear competitive advantage. Rock Tech also hopes to make a substantial contribution to the battery and EV industries by 2026 by refining lithium hydroxide in the Company’s planned Guben Converter.

Both Rock Tech and LEAG want their planned collaboration to be the beginning of a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship between the two organizations. Aside from green electricity and heat supply, the LoI extends to collaboration in attracting qualified talent, waste management options and the potential for hydrogen supply.

„Our goal is to produce climate-neutral lithium with zero waste in Europe as part of a new industrial circular economy centred on batteries. We need strong partners like LEAG for this. We could push the region’s structural transformation starting in Guben and establish an ideal setting for our long-term investments. LEAG and Rock Tech both stand for change, which is why I am sure that we will jointly implement outstanding ideas.“

Dirk Harbecke
Chairman and CEO of Rock Tech

„When companies choose a location today, it is contingent on three main factors: industrial sites with adequate infrastructure, skilled staff potential, and, of course, reliable and cost-effective renewable power supply. With a focus on a ‚decarbonising transformation,‘ we believe the Lusatia Region economically is on the right track. We are very glad to have found a partner in Rock Tech, whose product will contribute to the decarbonisation of the automotive sector. Using localized, climate-neutral energy supplies for production is a strong commitment towards sustainability.“

Thorsten Kramer

A first step will be to explore the installation of photovoltaic systems for green power supply onto Rock Tech’s converter roof in Guben. In the long run, the lithium refinery may get hydrogen for its production from LEAG’s „Gigawatt Factory“. A second phase could be the development of an electrolyser at the Guben site. The two parties also aim to work together to recruit appropriately qualified people in a variety of fields, including lab technicians, chemical workers, welding specialists, and IT technicians.