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Last Section for Converter Application submitted

Guben, Germany

With the submission of the next section of the application, Rock Tech Lithium takes another important step in the approval process for the construction of its first European lithium hydroxide converter in Guben/Brandenburg. The first partial application is currently being reviewed by the authority conducting the procedure, the State Office for the Environment in Potsdam. The procedure according to the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) started in February this year.

Due to the advanced technical planning, the company decided to combine two applications into one. The comprehensive application now submitted includes the converter itself as well as the supply facilities and ancillary buildings.

On the progress of the approval process so far, Dirk Harbecke, Chief Executive Officer at Rock Tech Lithium, says: „We are very pleased about having been able to collaborate with the Brandenburg State Office for the Environment in the most constructive and focused manner up to now. The submission of the next part of the application is one of the last big steps for us on the way to the start construction of our converter in Guben.“

Furthermore, Rock Tech Lithium has adapted the planned commissioning of the converter in Guben to Q2 2025. This reflects the current geopolitical developments and the continued disruption to international supply chains as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic.