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Chairman Dirk Harbecke reassumed CEO post

Vancouver, Canada

Rock Tech Lithium Inc. is pleased to announce that Dirk Harbecke has been appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The Company has concurrently accepted the resignation of Markus Bruegmann.

Mr. Harbecke has more than 25 years of international investment experience, including as co-founder of ADC African Development Corporation AG, an African financial services provider. Mr. Harbecke was also a consultant at Boston Consulting Group and received his MBA from University of St. Gallen in Switzerland.

Dirk Harbecke said: „I look forward to returning to a senior executive role in a company that I started in the current form 10 years ago. With recent Rock Tech announcements such as our deal with Mercedes-Benz, the company has a very exciting future. The fact that we have a very experienced and engaged board and management will greatly assist with the attainment of our immediate and longer-term objectives.

The Company has accepted Mr. Bruegmann’s resignation, allowing him to attend to personal matters unrelated to his tenure at Rock Tech. The Company thanks him for his services and wishes him all the best.